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Reasons to seek a child’s sole custody

There can be plenty of reasons for seeking custody of a child, such as abuse, illness, divorce, etc. if you find any of these, you can ask for your child’s sole custody to save your child from that terrifying experience.

For this purpose, you can apply for a fort worth child custody attorney from your nearest legal authority and get the same.

The further article will discuss why you can seek a child’s sole custody. These reasons are described below: 

  • Exploitation:Abuse or exploitation is the primary reason to ask for child custody. If you feel your spouse or other parents exploit a child in one way or another, you can ask for help to get sole child custody. In this situation, the child is mentally or physically exploited or abused by their parents, which is unsuitable for their mental health. So, it is better to ask for help from your nearest legal court fort worth child custody attorney.
  • Negligence:Negligence is another reason to deteriorate a child’s life. If parents do the same, many necessary things could be neglected in the future, such as required medical care, food necessities, and many other items needed for childhood. Thus in order to protect the child, you can seek a child’s sole custody and save their future.

fort worth child custody attorney

  • Mentally disturbed child: If a child has any mental illness and their parents continue to blame for it, this condition affects the mental growth of the child and makes them weak. Here, if you are concerned and care about your child, you can ask for sole custody of the child. This way, you can save your child from many unforeseen future circumstances, such as suicide.
  • Abandonment of a child:If a parent does not care about their child and lets them do anything themselves, this situation may spoil the whole life of a child. If you find these kinds of problems with any child, you can seek sole custody and save that child.
  • Transfer to another place:If a parent has the compulsion to move to another city or country but not possible to move out with the child, in this situation, that parent can give sole custody of the child to another parent.


The above are the genuine reasons to get sole custody of a child. If you find any of the above explanations, you can quickly do the same and save that child from bad circumstances.